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    Social Video Storytelling is about the speed at which we experience and watch content online, about the skills that we as professionals could develop if we would use our smartphones better

    and about the creative abilities within all of us.

    Video. Mobile. Social.


    70% of internet traffic by Q3 2017 will be video.

    117.2 M

    117.2 Mln people in the US play video on their mobile phones (a rising trend in Latinamerica as well).

  • Mobile Stories

    Rockers Garage

    Alvaro Riaño and his team live for the passion for custom bikes and 80s rock in this mobile documentary produced with an Iphone.

    The Bahian

    From the state of Bahia in northeast Brazil, Ivan went to Rio de Janeiro to sell beer on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema and now he has his own restaurant.

    A good story told with a smartphone.


    A place for remix where final versions don't exist.

    For The Locals was a project that invited filmmakers from around the world and this was my proposal.

    Momentos Para Recordar

    A "microreality show format developed for Coca-cola latin america with live sessions on youtube using mobile phones where several artists from the region would have to create a new song in 72 hours using messages sent by the fans.


    #peopleyoumayknow is a web series of profiles made from real facebook people. This is a first season of 7 episodes, second season will be on the air soon.

  • Services

    This is what we do

    Mobile Content Strategy and Production

    For Brands and Media Professionals


    Everyone can take advantage of Social Video Storytelling to generate engagement with their audience, its just not as simple as taking pictures and uploading to Social. The difference between that and a real conversation can be defined by the ability of video to tell real, authentic and emotional stories.


    Social Video Storytelling is constantly evolving. It takes time and a lot of decision making to get it right. Engaging in video without the proper planning can become a nightmare. that's where we come in.


    We help you understand how Social Video Storytelling can be perfect to interact with your audience and costumers through different tools and strategies that can involve designing a creative and effective SBG (Social Broadcast Grid), writing scripts, making documentaries, producing videoclips, going live (multicam or in 360 video), syndicating content, covering events and a lot more.

    Workshops/Online Courses/Webinars

    Master the art of Social Video Storytelling and free your ability to tell stories in video.

    Depending on your level of expertise, well... for anybody!


    We design workshops, courses and webinars for individuals and groups with a special interest on the subject where students develop practical abilities that allow them to start telling stories right away.

    Multicam and 360 video Live Stream Production

    Going live using several smartphones and tablets to turn them into your own professional TV multicam production unit. All thru Social.

    For Brands and Professionals.


    The speed at which things happen for any brand on Social has made anything published today old news in a week. Mobile coverage of events, including live events should be on air immediately. The synchronization between what's happening right now and what is being published is what keeps the conversation online going.


    We're talking behind the scenes, promos, interviews and much more.


    Camilo Estrada

    I write, shoot, produce, edit and direct. All from my mobile phone.

    12 years as a filmmaker and editor, I have worked on TV, corporate video, documentaries and videoclips. Active consumer of good stories told in moving images.




    Social. Content. #Newmedia. A blog for all of this en español.

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